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Concepts of brushwork in the Northern and Southern Netherlands in the seventeenth century

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POUSAO-SMITH, Maria-Isabel ;
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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
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Addresses the concepts and formations of thought which enabled the brushwork of paintings to be perceived, classified and valued in certain ways in the Northern and Southern Netherlands during the 17th c. The framework of the study is textual and linguistic in nature, since the concepts at stake are defined through a consideration of the terminology employed in 17th c. Netherlandish texts, principally (although not exclusively), in published treatises on painting. Two categories of terms are identified, those referring to the material character and appearance of the paint surface and those alluding to the physical gesture of applying paint which brought such surfaces into being. Concentrating on specific terms, it proves possible to define these concepts of brushwork historically by distancing them from the theory and practice of Modernist painting whilst also integrating them within the discourses of rhetoric and civility current in the 17th c. itself. During the period in question there emerged a conscious attempt to regulate the visual function of brushwork in general, an attempt with particular repercussions for the category of brushwork known as 'netticheyt' ('neatness'). To some extent, therefore, the thesis comprises a history of the concept of 'netticheyt' and its critical fortunes over the course of the 17th c. ;
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Facture ; Grande-Bretagne ; Pays-Bas ; Peinture ; Terminologie ; Thèse ; Théorie de l'art ; Traité ; 1600-1700 ;
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Art theory ; Dissertations ; Facture ; Great Britain ; Netherlands ; Painting ; Terminology ; Treatises ; 1600-1700 ;
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Thèses ;
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24999440 ;
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