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Image and pilgrimage : the cult of the Virgin of Czestochowa in the late Middle Ages

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MANIURA, Robert ;
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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
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Approaches the cult of images in the late Middle Ages through an analysis of the pilgrimage to the shrine of the Virgin of Czestochowa in south-west Poland. The pilgrimage was well-established by the mid 15th c. and contemporary sources specify that the appeal of the place was based on the occurrence of miracles associated with the site and the presence of a picture of the Virgin Mary, said to have been painted by S. Luke and brought to Poland via Constantinople and Russia. In fact it is a heavily reworked western artifact with a provenance via, or manufacture in, 14th c. Angevin-ruled Hungary. The painting survives and remains the focus of a lively pilgrimage cult (Czestochowa, Klasztor oo. Paulinów na Jasnej Górze). Suggests that this movement of large numbers of people to view an image constitutes an invaluable and largely neglected source for the study of visual culture. Addresses the central image at Czestochowa through a study of the 'landscape of pilgrimage', a landscape comprising not only the physical terrain surrounding the shrine but also the legends articulating it and the imposing visual environment of the shrine itself. The miracle stories associated with the site, the translation legend of the picture and a reconstruction of the physical articulation of the shrine in the late Middle Ages are analysed and evaluated as evidence of pilgrimage activity with the aim of exploring the role of the image in the pilgrimage. The scratches on the face of the Virgin of Czestochowa, suggestive of wounds, are articulated as the result of an act of Hussite iconoclasm and the picture is unavoidably bound up with the recurrent controversy over the validity of the use of images in Christian worship. The analysis of the pilgrimage cult of the Czestochowa image allows a study of the issues involved in this controversy based on pratice rather than theory. ;
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377 ; 377 p., [98] p. of pl.; ill. (some col.); maps; plans; typescript ;
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Culte ; Czestochowa (POL), Klasztor oo. Paulinów na Jasnej Górze ; Grande-Bretagne ; Icône ; Peinture ; Pologne ; Pèlerinage ; Thèse ; Vierge noire de Czestochowa ; Vierge: De Czestochowa ; 1300-1400 ; 1400-1600 ;
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Black Madonna of Czestochowa ; Cults ; Czestochowa (POL), Klasztor oo. Paulinów na Jasnej Górze ; Dissertations ; Great Britain ; Icons ; Mary, Virgin: Our Lady of Czestochowa ; Painting ; Pilgrimages ; Poland ; 1300-1400 ; 1400-1600 ;
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Thèses ;
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24998960 ;
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