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Reynolds' King of the Cherokees and other mistaken identities in the portraiture of Native American delegations, 1710-1762

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PRATT, Stephanie ;
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English ;
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Visual documentation of Native American visitors to England during the 18th c. represents, in part, a record of colonial contact. Native Americans came to England for diplomatic and political reasons. This paper uncovers patterns of representation and misrepresentation regarding these delegations, as witnessed by the visual arts [paintings and prints]. The focus for this paper is the visit of 1762 by a group of 'Upper' Cherokee to the court of King George III. It took place in order to seal the treaty made at Williamsburg at the cessation of the hostilities of 1760-61. My interest stems largely from the types of visual representations made of these men and the impact their presence had on the popular imagination of that time. I also wish to address the nature of the portrait image itself as an act of negotiation between Native American reality and European expectation. In an even broader vein I wish to investigate these images to determine how the 'other peoples' of the Empire found spaces of representation within the colonial sphere, and how these recognitions were themselves bound up with the changing relations of Britain and its American colonies. ;
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9 ill. ;
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Amérindiens ; Art ; Cherokees ; Colonialisme ; Estampe ; Grande-Bretagne ; Iconographie ; Indiens d'Amérique du Nord ; Peinture ; Portrait ; Reynolds, Joshua, 1723-1792 ; Réception ; 1700-1800 ;
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Art ; Cherokee Indians ; Colonialism ; Great Britain ; Iconography ; Indians of North America ; Native Americans ; Painting ; Portraits ; Prints ; Reception ; Reynolds, Joshua, 1723-1792 ; 1700-1800 ;
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Article ;
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Oxford art journal, 1998, 21, 2
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24998932 ;
ISSN 0142-6540 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Setsquare, Oxford
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