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Clemens XIV., ein Prediger in der Wüste und Friedensstifter? : zur Interpretation eines frühen Papstgrabmals von Antonio Canova

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HOFSTEDE, Ulrike Müller ;
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German ;
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Ten years after the death of Clement XIV the Franciscan order erected a monument to his memory in SS. Apostoli in Rome. The young artist Antonio Canova characterizes the statue of Clement XIV as an animated and eloquent figure, as if in the process of speaking. The Pope's outstretched right arm is unusual for papal iconography and is reminiscent of the imperial gesture of the equestrian monument of Marcus Aurelius (Rome, Piazza del Campidoglio). Discusses the importance for the statue of both the Marcus Aurelius and the pictorial tradition of John the Baptist preaching. Concludes that Canova sought to represent the Pope as a prophet of Christ who induces the viewers to reflect on their sins. Supports this thesis with contemporary sources and with the monument's iconography, especially the lamb beneath the sarcophagus, which is the attribute of manusuetudo and in this context that of the Pope Giovanni Ganganelli. Interprets the concept of this papal monument and the Pope's representation as an attempt to legitimize his pontificate and to give added importance to his person, in particular as his dissolution of the Jesuit Order came at a time when the papacy was losing much of its authority. ;
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13 ill.; 1 plan ;
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Agneau ; Canova, Antonio, 1757-1822 ; Clément XIV, pape, 1705-1774 ; Iconographie ; Influence ; Italie ; Jean-Baptiste, saint ; Monument funéraire ; Roma (ITA), Piazza del Campidoglio ; Roma (ITA), SS. Apostoli ; Saints ; Sculpture ; Soumission ; Statue équestre de Marc Aurèle ; Tombeau de Clément XIV ; 1700-1800 ; 1784 ;
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Canova, Antonio, 1757-1822 ; Clement XIV, pope, 1705-1774 ; Iconography ; Influence ; Italy ; John the Baptist, S. ; Lambs ; Marcus Aurelius Monument ; Meekness ; Roma (ITA), Piazza del Campidoglio ; Roma (ITA), SS. Apostoli ; Saints ; Sculpture ; Sepulchral monuments ; Tomb of Clement XIV ; 1700-1800 ; 1784 ;
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Article ;
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Artibus et historiae, 1996, 17, 34
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24998862 ;
ISSN 0391-9064 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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IRSA, Wien
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