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The funerary monuments of Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork

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HARRIS, Amy Louise ;
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English ;
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Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork, was an Englishman who emigrated to Ireland in search of good fortune. Advantageous marriages brought him wealth and status, resulting in his acquiring the Earldom of Cork in 1620. Once Boyle achieved this title he sought to establish a distinguished pedigree; and he endeavored to do this by glorifying the memory of his ancestors in the context of social and political success. This was done by his commissioning of four family funeral monuments, all of which are studied by Harris. The monuments are in S. Mary's Collegiate church (Youghal), the London church of S. Nicholas (Deptford), S. Catherine's (Preston-next-Faversham, Kent), and S. Patrick's cathedral (Dublin). The author concludes 'The four Boyle tombs reflect a man's rise to political fame and fortune in the early 17th c. and his desire to display his status as widely as possible, both in Ireland and England'. ;
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Commande d'oeuvre d'art ; Cork, Richard Boyle, earl of, 1566-1643 ; Dublin (IRL), S. Patrick (cathédrale protestante) ; Faversham (GBR), S. Catherine ; Grande-Bretagne ; Irlande ; London (GBR), S. Nicholas (Deptford) ; Monument funéraire ; Mécénat ; Youghal (Cork, IRL), S. Mary ; 1600-1700 ;
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Commissions ; Cork, Richard Boyle, earl of, 1566-1643 ; Dublin (IRL), S. Patrick (Protestant cathedral) ; Faversham (GBR), S. Catherine ; Great Britain ; Ireland ; London (GBR), S. Nicholas (Deptford) ; Patronage ; Sepulchral monuments ; Youghal (Cork, IRL), S. Mary ; 1600-1700 ;
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Article ;
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Church monuments, 1998, 13
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24998839 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Church Monuments Society, [s.l.]
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