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Light on the eternal city : observations and discoveries in the art and architecture of Rome; [University Park]; Pennsylvania State University Press

The fortune of Bernini's colonnaded Piazza San Pietro and the city frontispiece in urban planning

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HEMZIK, Pamela S. ;
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English ;
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Considers the scenographic aspects of the oval court in urban planning. Firstly, the author summarizes the evolution of Bernini's projects and delineates the essential characteristics of the Piazza San Pietro in Rome. Next, she focuses on projects of the third quarter of the 17th c. executed by Louis XIV's architects. An examination of architectural fantasies and theatrical design follows - where the scenic potential of the piazza first explored by the royal architects was realized by both French and Italian architect-scenographers. Also considers a number of French and Italian projects which integrated the oval court into plans for refurbished and newly built cities as the central public square, and concludes with a discussion of the Nevski Prospekt in Saint-Petersburg - the last great experiment in classical urban planning which merged the French and Italian ideals into one vast building program. ;
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30 ill. ;
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Architecture ; Bernini, Gian Lorenzo, 1598-1680 ; Italie ; Place ; Roma (ITA), Vaticano, Piazza S. Pietro ; Réception ; Scénographie ; Source ; Urbanisme ; Vues ; 1600-1800 ;
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Architecture ; Bernini, Gian Lorenzo, 1598-1680 ; Italy ; Reception ; Roma (ITA), Vaticano, Piazza S. Pietro ; Scenography ; Source ; Squares (urban spaces) ; Urbanism ; Views ; 1600-1800 ;
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Article ;
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24998761 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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