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The deanery, Windsor Castle

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For almost six and a half centuries, the wardens (and later the deans) of S. George's Chapel have been lodged in the extreme north-east corner of the lower ward at Windsor Castle. From fairly modest beginnings, the house developed into a much grander building, after the construction of a huge new chapel in the late 15th c. After the Elizabethan settlement it developed further and was a childhood home of Sir Christopher Wren, before being vandalized in the Commonwealth period. Following the Reformation, it was reconstructed and then given a grand new front in 1710 for the first of a series of aristocratic deans. The final major rebuilding was carried out in 1831 immediately after the demise of George IV, and the house was used by Queen Victoria as a sort of 'confessional' and very private access to the royal pew after her widowhood. Today it is still a fine house after being reduced in size for 20th-c. deans who do not have large familes and many servants. Its rendered south front can still be seen immediately behind the buttressed east end of the Albert Memorial Chapel. ;
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Doyenné (édifice) ; Grande-Bretagne ; Windsor (Berks, GBR), Windsor Castle, S. George's Chapel, deanery ; 1400-1900 ;
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Deaneries ; Great Britain ; Windsor (Berks, GBR), Windsor Castle, S. George's Chapel, deanery ; 1400-1900 ;
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Article ;
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The Antiquaries journal, 1998, 78
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24998534 ;
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Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
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