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An examination of Giovanni Sabadino degli Arienti's writings on art and architecture

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SHEPHERD, Rupert Graham ;
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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
Abstract :
Reviews previous literature on Arienti before examining his writings. Discusses his career, literary works, and intellectual world, situating him in courtly circles in Bologna, Ferrara and Mantua, and amongst a group of amateur authors and notaries in Bologna. Compares Arienti's descriptions of works of art with what is known of their subjects, establishing his accuracy and his flattery of potential patrons. Examines his taste for narrative art, and his use of texts, Plinian aesthetics and classical comparisons when writing his descriptions, and demonstrates the paucity of his critical vocabulary. Assesses Arienti's descriptions within the traditions of ekphrasis and epigram, with which they share an emphasis on variety, emotion and naturalism. Investigates his use of topoi describing pictures treated as if they really were the thing they represented, a theme continued in one of Arienti's novelle. Relates the aesthetic attitudes embodied in Arienti's descriptions to Renaissance viewers' attention to works of art, and artists' encouragement of such attention. Examines Arienti's discussion of architecture and magnificence. Places him within the tradition of early Renaissance writings upon magnificence, and compares attitudes to magnificence in courts and republics. Examines his notions of the forms in which magnificence can be embodied in buildings : ornament, scale, materials, amenities, and perhaps style. Appendices contain a discussion of Arienti's patronage of manuscript illumination, and a catalogue of the illuminated manuscripts which he commissioned, and two texts by him. ;
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504 ; 504 p.; 118 ill.; typescript ;
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Architecture ; Arienti, Giovanni Sabadino degli, v.1445-1510 ; Art ; Enluminure ; Esthétique ; Grande-Bretagne ; Italie ; Littérature d'architecture ; Littérature d'art ; Magnificence ; Mécénat ; Thèse ; 1400-1600 ;
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Aesthetics ; Architectural literature ; Architecture ; Arienti, Giovanni Sabadino degli, ca.1445-1510 ; Art ; Art literature ; Dissertations ; Great Britain ; Italy ; Magnificence ; Manuscript illumination ; Patronage ; 1400-1600 ;
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Thèses ;
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24998408 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;