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Body-building : British historical artists in London and Rome and the remaking of the heroic ideal, c. 1760-1800

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MYRONE, Martin David ;
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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
Abstract :
Considers the 'grand manner' art produced by British artists between 1760 and 1800 from the perspective of the history of masculinity. The grand manner, defined in terms of its heroic themes and ambitious visual character, was traditionally associated with élitist notions of male virtue. In the commercial society of late 18th c. Britain, however, grand manner art was promoted by an unprecedented variety of groups whose interests were potentially in conflict. During this period, discourse on the sublime, originality, and the national economy prompted the production of high art, while destabilising the cultural production of gender. Discusses the new opportunities for artists provided by the Society of Arts in London, aristocratic Grand Tourists in Rome, and George III and his Royal Academy, respectively. By focusing on the works of Gavin Hamilton, James Barry and Benjamin West, shows how the pressures of the marketplace led to the production of ambiguous varieties of masculine imagery and idealised notions of the heroic artist detached from market realities. Considers the revision of the heroic ideal in the work of Henry Fuseli, Thomas Banks and their associates, in the context of Rome, the public exhibitions and the Academy. Finally, charts the careers of three sculptors, Thomas Procter, John Deare and John Flaxman, to show that by the late 1780s the marketplace had effectively rendered the more severe notions of masculinity redundant. In conclusion, discusses the emergence of commerical art galleries in London during the 1790s, demonstrating that the commercialism and political pluralism that had disrupted the traditions of the grand manner were now embraced by a new ideal of a national 'British school' of art. ;
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388 ; 388 p., [98] p. of pl.; 98 ill. (some col.); typescript ;
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Art ; Artistes ; Britanniques ; Commerce d'art ; Grande-Bretagne ; Idéal, L' ; Italie ; London (GBR), Royal Academy of Arts ; London (GBR), Royal Society of Arts ; Masculinité ; Néoclassicisme ; Nu masculin ; Représentation ; Roma (ITA) ; Sujet historique ; Thèse ; 1700-1800 ; 1760-1800 ;
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Art ; Art market ; Artists ; British ; Dissertations ; Great Britain ; Historical subjects ; Ideal ; Italy ; London (GBR), Royal Academy of Arts ; London (GBR), Royal Society of Arts ; Male nude ; Masculinity ; Neo-classicism ; Representation ; Roma (ITA) ; 1700-1800 ; 1760-1800 ;
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Thèses ;
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24998352 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;