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The provision of books for Bury St. Edmunds abbey in the 11th and 12th centuries

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WEBBER, Teresa ;
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Bury St. Edmunds : medieval art, architecture, archaeology and economy; [London]; British Archaeological Association ;
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English ;
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From the end of the 11th c. a much greater demand for books led Bury to undertake an extensive programme of book production. Bury was unusual in maintaining an active scriptorium well into the second half of the 12th c. This was possible not only because of the continued presence of competent scribes but also because of the availability at Bury of exemplars of glossed books of the Bible. The continuity of book production at Bury for over half a century is evident in the degree of uniformity in handwriting and other aspects of the presentation of texts achieved in the Bury books. It is also a witness to the intellectual interests and continental contacts of the abbots and monks of Bury throughout the late 11th and 12th cs. ;
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pl. XLV-XLVII; 4 ill. ;
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Bury Saint Edmunds (GBR), abbaye bénédictine ; Ecriture ; Grande-Bretagne ; Livre ; Scriptorium ; 1000-1200 ;
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Books ; Bury Saint Edmunds (GBR), Benedictine abbey ; Great Britain ; Scriptoria ; Writing ; 1000-1200 ;
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