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The production and artistry of the Bury bible

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Bury St. Edmunds : medieval art, architecture, archaeology and economy; [London]; British Archaeological Association ;
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English ;
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Looks at some hitherto neglected difficulties affecting the understanding of the Bury Bible (Cambridge, Cambridge University, Corpus Christi College, MS 2). Examines the evidence for the planning and production of the book, particularly some anomalies in the first quire, the use of double thickness vellum for much of the illumination, and the range of capital lettering styles in the manuscript. Together these suggest a number of uncertainties, contingencies and possibly even disruptions in the commission. Considers the choice of subject matter and an aspect of the construction of the pictorial composition. Suggests that the artist, Master Hugo, seems to have imposed his own ethos on the representation of the narratives both as regards their emotional content (or lack of it), and the invention of the iconography. Also introduces a recently discovered fragment of the missing second volume of the Bible, which was recently sold by a London book dealer. The conclusion places the Bible within the context of manuscript commissions at Bury in an attempt to account for the quality, quantity and character of the illumination. ;
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pl. XLI-XLV; 10 ill. (2 col.) ;
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Bible (livre) ; Bible de Bury Saint Edmunds ; Bury Saint Edmunds (GBR), abbaye bénédictine ; Cambridge (GBR), Cambridge University, Corpus Christi College ; Enluminure ; Grande-Bretagne ; Lettrage ; Livre ; Manuscrits ; Maître Hugo, act.1135-1150 ; MS 2 (Bible de Bury Saint Edmunds) ; Technique ; 1100-1200 ; 1135 ;
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Bibles ; Books ; Bury Saint Edmunds (GBR), Benedictine abbey ; Bury Saint Edmunds Bible ; Cambridge (GBR), Cambridge University, Corpus Christi College ; Great Britain ; Lettering ; Manuscript illumination ; Manuscripts ; Master Hugo, act.1135-1150 ; MS 2 (Bury Saint Edmunds Bible) ; Technique ; 1100-1200 ; 1135 ;
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24998144 ;
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