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Portraits of kings depicted as Magi in Bohemian painting

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Regal image of Richard II and the Wilton diptych; London; H. Miller ;
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English ;
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Compares an Adoration of the Magi painting on wood of Bohemian origin, ca.1380, which has recently come to light (Private collection), with contemporary painting, manuscript illumination and sculpture. The popularity of the subject in medieval art went so far as to identify a contemporary living person with one of the Three Kings in Adoration scenes. By the end of the 14th c., the glorification of the Luxembourg sovereign as one of the Three Kings was not exceptional in art associated with the Prague court. On the basis of comparative evidence, it may be assumed that the Adoration of the Magi also shows the Luxembourg monarchs who are given almost portrait-like distinction. If the third king depicts Sigismund of Luxembourg, it probably represents the earliest surviving portrait before the iconography for Sigismund became standard. The cult of the epiphany reached its peak at the English royal court under Richard II. The impact of the Luxembourg Epiphanies on the art of the English court may have been due to Richard's first wife, Anne of Bohemia. A postscript submits that the ring depicted in the left wing of the Wilton Diptych (London, National Gallery), may allude to the ceremony of the healing rings which was the privilege of the kings of England. Concludes that in the Luxembourg Adorations the portraits of rulers were motivated by political concerns, whereas the 'miraculous curing' of the English monarchs may have been a manifestation not of their holiness but of their regality. ;
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Anneau ; Culte ; Diptyque Wilton ; Epiphanie ; Grande-Bretagne ; Guérison ; London (GBR), National Gallery ; Peinture ; Portrait ; Représentation ; Rois ; Rois Mages ; République tchèque ; 1300-1400 ;
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Cults ; Czech Republic ; Epiphany ; Great Britain ; Healing ; Kings ; London (GBR), National Gallery ; Magi ; Painting ; Portraits ; Representation ; Rings (bands) ; Wilton Diptych ; 1300-1400 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24998034 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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