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The planning of the town of Bury St. Edmunds : a probable Norman origin

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GAUTHIEZ, Bernard ;
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Bury St. Edmunds : medieval art, architecture, archaeology and economy; [London]; British Archaeological Association ;
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English ;
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The plan of the town of Bury S. Edmunds dates mainly from the late 11th c., with some Saxon elements. The development of a new town, largely erasing the previous settlement, is parallel to the building of the huge abbey church, according to a general layout enlarged in the 12th c. The design of the west part of the town probably belongs to a tradition of laying-out towns established at Rouen in Normany in the early 10th c., and used continuously until the end of the 12th c. Analyses some continental Norman towns in this tradition, and compares Bury S. Edmunds to them. Proposes a chronology for the development of the town of Bury between the Conquest and the end of the 12th c., concluding that the town may have been conceived under abbot Anselm and sacrist Hervey as a gigantic shrine, so to speak, for the S. Edmund's body. ;
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Anglo-normand (art) ; Architecture ; Bury Saint Edmunds (GBR) ; Bury Saint Edmunds (GBR), abbaye bénédictine, église ; France ; Grande-Bretagne ; Normandie (FRA) ; Petite ville ; Urbanisme ; 1000-1200 ; 900-1200 ;
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Anglo-Norman ; Architecture ; Bury Saint Edmunds (GBR) ; Bury Saint Edmunds (GBR), Benedictine abbey, church ; France ; Great Britain ; Normandie (FRA) ; Towns ; Urbanism ; 1000-1200 ; 900-1200 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24997934 ;
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