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The early Gothic parish church architecture of Nottinghamshire

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HOEY, Lawrence ;
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Southwell and Nottinghamshire : medieval art, architecture, and industry; [London]; British Archaeological Association ;
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English ;
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Early Gothic parish church architecture in Nottinghamshire fits closely into a larger East Midlands context where the designing of arcades seems to have been the major preoccupation of 13th c. masons and patrons. Surviving early Gothic chancels are less numerous than in other parts of the country, and also less ambitious architecturally, although it is not clear why this should be so. Nave arcades from the period, on the other hand, are frequent and full of inventive pier forms, although foliage capitals are not abundant and moulded arches very rare. These patterns, and the actual forms of its parish churches' piers Nottinghamshire shares with neighbouring shires, especially Lincolnshire. These piers are best seen not as reductions or adaptations of great church types, but as original variations on one another, forms appropriate to smaller church architecture, affordable, but also capable of endless variation in the hands of ambitious masons, testimony to the presence of aesthetic preferences in even the smallest churches. ;
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pl. XXII-XXVI; 15 ill. ;
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Arcade ; Architecture ; Eglise ; Gothique (art) ; Grande-Bretagne ; Nottinghamshire (GBR) ; 1200-1300 ;
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Arcades ; Architecture ; Churches ; Gothic ; Great Britain ; Nottinghamshire (GBR) ; 1200-1300 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24997767 ;
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