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Eine Burg hat ein legendäres 1000jähriges Jubiläum : die Eckartsburg in Sachsen-Anhalt : Betrachtungen zu ihrer Frühgeschichte im sächsisch-thüringischen Grenzsaum

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WIRTH, Hermann ;
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German ;
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This article is prompted by the founding, allegedly 1000 years ago, of the Eckartsburg near Eckartsberga by Ekkehard I, Margrave of Meissen. There seems every justification for linking the castle and (subsequent) town with the Ekkehard dynasty who were the largest feudal lords at that time in the territory of Upper Saxony and Thuringia and the founders of Naumburg on the Saale. It has long been known that there were two castles at Eckartsberga (not to say four): the Altenburg above Mallendord (Altendorf), subsequently incorporating an early medieval castle and the (first) Eckartsburg incorporating a later building, postdating the Ekkehard dynasty - the present ruin. Which of the two dynastic castles dates from the time of Ekkehard I, and whether indeed that powerful magnate actually was the builder of the castle, is a matter of speculation. Be that as it may, the Eckartsburg was the most westerly bulwark of the Ekkehard dynasty and in all probability the source of dynastic conflicts, in particular with the counts of Weimar and subsequent margraves of Meissen. ;
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3 ill. (1 col.) ;
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Allemagne ; Château fort ; Eckartsberga (DEU), Eckartsburg ; Ekkehard I, Markgraf von Meissen, m.1002 ; 900-1100 ;
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Castles ; Eckartsberga (DEU), Eckartsburg ; Ekkehard I, Markgraf von Meissen, d.1002 ; Germany ; 900-1100 ;
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Article ;
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Burgen und Schlösser, 1998, 39, 2
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24997749 ;
ISSN 0007-6201 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Deutsche Brugenvereinigung e. V. zur Erhaltung der historischen Wehr- und Wohnbauten, Marksburg über Braubach/Rhein
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