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Colour theory and formations of the Dutch avant-garde 1900-1926

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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
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Addresses different formations of the Dutch avant-garde, focusing on two distinct moments, ca.1900 to 1918, and the early 1920s. Examines the take-up of colour theory as part of avant-garde identity in the Netherlands, pinpointing the development of theoretical debates on colour within broader ideological formations. Argues that the development of colour theories was not simply part of avant-garde practice but actively woven through Dutch political and cultural life. Deals with the formation of metropolitan identity and culture in Amsterdam from the late 19th c. and with the simultaneous reforging of definitions of nature. Argues that the complex exchanges across the spatial reordering of the city and emergence of metropolitanism actively worked to produce a Dutch avant-garde. Critical to avant-garde identity was a reordering of nature as a spiritual resource. Argues that nature imagery functioned as part of an active engagement with the countryside as a site of physical refreshment and the focus of artists' professional ambitions. Also addresses contesting accounts of colour. Outlines how from the 1890s an obsessive interest in mysticism and heightened states of consciousness was bound into accounts of colour and examines an increased scientificity in arguments concerning colour and in particular the development of primary colours as basic terms. The elaboration and reworking of colour theory within post-war pedagogy is investigated. Gives a detailed case study of Theo van Doesburg's manuscript on colour and shows its interrelation with both the formation of elementarist painting and European post-war vanguard concerns. Detailed cases of the Beurs in Amsterdam and Spangen housing in Rotterdam are discussed in order to demonstrate how colour was deployed to negotiate ideological positions and utilized in contending accounts of monumental art. ;
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Amsterdam (NLD), Beurs ; Architecture ; Art ; Avant-garde ; Couleur ; Doesburg, Theo van (Christian Emil Marie Küpper), 1883-1931 ; Décor ; Grand ensemble ; Grande-Bretagne ; Idéologie ; Image ; Nature ; Pays-Bas ; Peinture ; Rotterdam (NLD), Spangen ; Stijl, De ; Thèse ; Théorie ; 1900-1926 ; 1900-2000 ; 1903 ; 1918-1921 ;
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Amsterdam (NLD), Beurs ; Architecture ; Art ; Avant-garde ; Color ; Decoration ; Dissertations ; Doesburg, Theo van (Christian Emil Marie Küpper), 1883-1931 ; Great Britain ; Housing developments ; Ideology ; Imagery ; Nature ; Netherlands ; Painting ; Rotterdam (NLD), Spangen ; Stijl, De ; Theory ; 1900-1926 ; 1900-2000 ; 1903 ; 1918-1921 ;
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Thèses ;
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24995572 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;