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On nature and nomenclature : William Whewell and the production of architectural knowledge in early Victorian Britain

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YANNI, Carla ;
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English ;
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Explores an important founder of empirical architectural history, William Whewell, and argues that he used the methods of early Victorian science to gain authority for the nascent study of medieval architecture. Looks at Whewell's writings on German medieval churches (first published in 1830) in the context of architectural history of the first half of the 19th c., discussing his methodology and his opposition to the theories of James Hall. Shows that 'Whewell argued that the same methods should be used to study art and science because both were material; he compared architectural knowledge to botany; and he believed that a correlation of parts was as inherent to the ideal Gothic church as it was to every living organism. His opinions prepared the way for a taxonomy of medieval architecture, and these physical descriptions of buildings were then used as data for solving theoretical puzzles such as the origin of the pointed arch'. ;
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5 ill. ;
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Allemagne ; Eglise ; Grande-Bretagne ; Histoire de l'architecture ; Historiens de l'architecture ; Moyen Age ; Sciences ; Victorien (art) ; Whewell, William, 1794-1866 ; 1800-1900 ;
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Architectural historians ; Architectural history ; Churches ; Germany ; Great Britain ; Medieval ; Science ; Victorian ; Whewell, William, 1794-1866 ; 1800-1900 ;
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Article ;
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Architectural history, 1997, 40
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24994883 ;
ISSN 0066-622X ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain, London
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