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The Germans and their art : a troublesome relationship

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BELTING, Hans ; KLEAGER, Scott ;
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English ;
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Belting investigates what is specifically German about German art, focusing on the attitudes Germans have had toward their art from the Romantic period to the present and discussing the ways in which they have tried to find their identity as a nation through this art. The author proposes that the history of German art criticism has been colored by division, a split caused both by opposing ideologies and by the contradiction between what the Germans have wanted their art - and their nation - to be and the reality of what they were. Belting shows that German art has always been informed by the fear of being taken over by art from abroad and by the Germans' inherent self doubt, based on the outside world's view of them over the centuries as art barbarians. He discusses why the Germans appropriated the Gothic style during the Romantic period and again after World War I; how the division between German art and international modern art symbolised for many Germans the opposition between tradition and materialism; why German Expressionism was deemed degenerate by the Nazis, and was rehabilitated after World War II, and was ignored in recent German art history; how the vastly different art created in the two Germanies invalidated any discussion of the nature of German art; and how reunification has created new conflicts and has emphasized the unique nature of the Germans' double burden of inheritance. Includes an introduction written for the English edition. ;
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120 ; vi, 120 p.; ill.; Originally published in German as: Deutschen und ihre Kunst. München : C.H. Beck, 1993 ;
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Allemagne ; Art ; Critique d'art ; Expressionnisme ; Identité nationale ; Idéologie ; Nationalisme ; Néogothique (art) ; Réunification (Allemagne: 1989-1990) ; 1800-2000 ; 1900-2000 ;
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Art ; Art criticism ; Expressionism ; Germany ; Gothic revival ; Ideology ; National identity ; Nationalism ; Reunification (Germany: 1989-1990) ; 1800-2000 ; 1900-2000 ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24994812 ;
ISBN 0300076169 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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New Haven; London; Yale University Press
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