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Bibliography of emblematic manuscripts

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OBRIST, Barbara ;
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SIDER, Sandra ;
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English ;
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The bibliography provides descriptions of 432 manuscripts from Europe and the United States, of which 341 contain visual imagery in various media. The manuscripts feature tripartite emblems proper, as well as festivity books, hieroglyphic texts, proto-emblematic material, allegories, triumphs, symbolic source books, schemata, devotional handbooks, and libri amicorum with emblematic imagery. Multiple indices provide full access to the manuscript descriptions: topics and genres, titles, artists, translators, dedicatees, additional names, provence, dates of production, and places of production. All shelfmarks are listed separately by collection and city, keyed to the entry number for each manuscript. Many entries include notes of iconographic, artistic, or literary interest. A secondary bibliography completes the volume. Only 68 of these manuscripts have been published and many of the 200 named authors are not normally known as creators of emblematic works. Approximately one third of the manuscripts have never been described in a printed catalogue. The introduction notes that this bibliography should not be considered as a census of emblematic manuscripts, but rather as a compilation of the various kinds of manuscripts that contributed to and utilized the Renaissance phenomenon of emblematics. ;
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Bibliographies ; Books ; Emblem books ; Illustration ; 1500-1800 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Montreal; London; Buffalo; McGill-Queen's University Press
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