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Die Burgkapellen in Ziesar und Wolmirstedt

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WOCHNIK, Fritz ;
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German ;
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Ziesar Castle, which has been the residence of the bishops of Brandenburg, has a chapel (ca.1459-1472) which mostly applies to the bower-idea of the Mark Brandenburg. The chapel of Ziesar Castle is related to the chapel (ca.1480) of Wolmirstedt Castle, but the respective interiors reveal some differences. While Ziesar offers a tendril-like [painted] landscape, Wolmirstedt adhered to a more surficial pattern emphasizing blossoms and fruits. The backgrounds in Ziesar are colored while those in Wolmirstedt are white. It seems quite difficult to date both buildings, especially their paintings. Since archival records on this subject are completely missing it will probably remain open to question when exactly the painting in Ziesar was done. According to the epigraphs, the chapel of Ziesar Castle was built before the chapel of Wolmirstedt, the latter having been erected by the archbishop of Magdeburg. The rank-order is re-established by the double-facade of Wolmirstedt but it appears evident that the bishop of Brandenburg [Dietrich von Stechow] designed a bower more distinct than his superior. ;
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13 ill. (7 col.); 2 plans ;
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Allemagne ; Architecture ; Chapelle ; Château fort ; Dietrich von Stechow, évêque de Brandebourg, m.ap.1472 ; Décoration architecturale ; Peinture murale ; Wolmirstedt (DEU), Burg, chapelle ; Ziesar (DEU), Burg, chapelle ; 1400-1500 ;
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Architectural decoration ; Architecture ; Castles ; Chapels ; Dietrich von Stechow, bishop of Brandenburg, d. after 1472 ; Germany ; Mural painting ; Wolmirstedt (DEU), Burg, chapel ; Ziesar (DEU), Burg, chapel ; 1400-1500 ;
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Article ;
Source :
Burgen und Schlösser, 1998, 39, 1
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24993974 ;
ISSN 0007-6201 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Deutsche Brugenvereinigung e. V. zur Erhaltung der historischen Wehr- und Wohnbauten, Marksburg über Braubach/Rhein
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