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Berry Pomeroy castle

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BROWN, Stewart ;
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English ;
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Archaeological investigations carried out at the castle within the period 1980-1996 have shed new light on its history and development. The castle was built in the late 15th c. when the Pomeroy family built themselves a fortified house with dry moat within their deerpark and manor of Berry Pomeroy. In 1547, the castle was acquired by Edward Seymour, the first Duke of Somerset. After his execution in 1552, his son Sir Edward Seymour made the castle his country seat. He demolished the domestic buildings erected by the Pomeroys and replaced them ca.1560-1580 with a courtyard house within the castle defences. An enlargement scheme was begun in 1600. The house was abandoned between 1688 and 1701, and fell into ruin. Appendices provide specialist reports on the history of the castle, the pottery, glass vessels, clay tobacco pipes, numismatic finds, metalwork, lead window cames and window glass, ornamental plaster, roofing slates, stone small finds, geological identification, faunal remains, gunports (1496), and tree-ring dating which indicates that the building of the north range took place during the last decade of the 16th c. Also gives an account of the wallpainting of ca.1490-1500 discovered in the gatehouse. It depicts a complex representation of the Adoration of the Magi showing Netherlandish influence. This part of the gatehouse was evidently used as a chapel or oratory. ;
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Berry Pomeroy (GBR), Castle ; Château fort ; Grande-Bretagne ; Matériel archéologique ; Peinture murale ; 1400-1500 ; 1400-1700 ; 1490-1500 ;
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Archaeological materials ; Berry Pomeroy (GBR), Castle ; Castles ; Great Britain ; Mural painting ; 1400-1500 ; 1400-1700 ; 1490-1500 ;
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Article ;
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Proceedings - Devon Archaeological Society, 1996, 54
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24993483 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Devon Archaeological Society, Exeter
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