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Sir William Hamilton and the Greekness of Greek vases

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BURN, Lucilla ;
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English ;
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Today, it is taken for granted that the black- and red-figured vases found in museums and private collections throughout the world are Greek. In the 18th c., however, when practically all known vases had been found in Italy and there had not been any opportunities for systematic excavations in Greece itself, it was assumed that they had been made in the country where they were found. While earlier scholars and antiquaries had argued that the painted vases were the work of Etruscan craftsmen, several of the Neapolitan intellectuals with whom Hamilton came into contact on his arrival in Italy were already asserting that they were Greek. Hamilton himself played a significant role in arguing the case for Greekness; and while he continued to believe that they had all been made by the Greek settlers in southern Italy and Sicily, he can also be seen to have initiated the process by which the true place of production of some would eventually be recognized as lying in mainland Greece. ;
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Antiquarianisme ; Grande-Bretagne ; Grec (art) ; Hamilton, William, 1730-1803 ; Italie ; Napoli (ITA) ; Vase ; 1700-1800 ;
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Antiquarianism ; Great Britain ; Greek ; Hamilton, William, 1730-1803 ; Italy ; Napoli (ITA) ; Vases ; 1700-1800 ;
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Article ;
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Journal of the history of collections, 1997, 9, 2
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24993248 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Oxford University Press, Oxford
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