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The Saint Albans Psalter and the new spiritual ideals of the twelfth century

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HANEY, Kristine E. ;
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English ;
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This study concentrates upon scenes in the S. Albans Psalter (Hildesheim, Dombibliothek Sankt Godehard, MS 1) involving SS. Alexis, Martin and Mary Magdalene. All three of the Continental saints were newly emphasized at Saint Albans after the Conquest. Their presence can be explained by the Norman monastic reform movement which stressed certain virtues these saints exemplified. The influence of S. Anselm, whose writings had a pronounced effect on religious life at Saint Albans in this period, is also evident. The scheme of meditational pilgrimage sponsored by S. Anselm helps to explain the choice of scenes, details within them, and potential devotional use of these images. Moreover, his influence is felt not only in these hagiographic scenes but on the structure of the entire miniature cycle, which stresses the Anselmian view of the redemptive process. These features characterize the miniature cycle as one that would have been meaningful to all who followed the reformed life at Saint Albans in this period. ;
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5 ill. ;
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Alexis, saint, m.417 ; Anselme, saint, archevêque de Cantorbéry, v.1033-1109 ; Enluminure ; Grande-Bretagne ; Hildesheim (DEU), Dombibliothek Hildesheim ; Iconographie ; Manuscrits ; Marie-Madeleine, sainte ; Martin, saint, évêque de Tours, v.316-397 ; Psautier ; Psautier de Saint Albans ; Saints ; Spiritualité ; 1100-1200 ; 1125 ;
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Alexis, S., d.417 ; Anselm, S., archbishop of Canterbury, ca.1033-1109 ; Great Britain ; Hildesheim (DEU), Dombibliothek Hildesheim ; Iconography ; Manuscript illumination ; Manuscripts ; Martin, S., bishop of Tours, ca.316-397 ; Mary Magdalen, S. ; Psalters ; S. Albans Psalter ; Saints ; Spirituality ; 1100-1200 ; 1125 ;
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Article ;
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Viator (Berkeley), 1997, 28
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24993026 ;
ISSN 0083-5897 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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University of California Press, Berkeley, CA
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