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Painting the soul : icons, death masks, and shrouds

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CORMACK, Robin ;
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English ;
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Puts the icon at the centre of Byzantine culture and life, both as an artistic product already developed in Late Antiquity and as a daily viewing experience in Constantinople and its empire concurrent with the western medieval and Renaissance periods. Its development as the identifying sign of Christian Orthodoxy, intensively promoted after the failure of iconoclasm between 730 and 843 to ban figurative images, is elucidated. However, the clear-cut notion of the icon as the static and different mode of a conservative Byzantine system is dissolved when the icon is set against parallels in the west, both devotional practices towards the Virgin Mary and Christ and the treatment of other subjects. As both an aesthetic and functional object, the icon served the whole range of Byzantine society, and as different elements emerged to influence the medium, particularly the monks and colonial immigrants into Byzantine territory such as the island of Crete, the appearance of the icon changed. With the recent explosion of new materials onto the art-historical scene through explorations at Sinai, in Greece, and in Russian collections and with the publications of the notarial archives of Crete that document both artists and patrons, the new challenges are to find methods of handling the icon and to reorientate the medium within the history of western art. Cretan icons between 1210 and 1669 integrate eastern and western traditions, and are seen as the key to understanding the ambivalence and flexibility of Byzantine expression and redefining the character of Orthodox art. ;
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248 ; 248 p.; 77 ill. (25 col.) ;
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Byzantin (art) ; Culture ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Icône ; 300-1500 ; 330-1453 ;
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Byzantine ; Christian iconography ; Culture ; Icons ; 300-1500 ; 330-1453 ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24992956 ;
ISBN 186189001X ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Reaktion, London
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