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Worm, the germ and the thorn : Pictish and related studies presented to Isabel Henderson; Balgavies; Pinkfoot Press

Maelrubai, Applecross and the late Pictish contribution west of Druimalban

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MAC LEAN, Douglas ;
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English ;
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Considers the historical and cultural situation at the time of the foundation of Applecross in 673 by Maelrubai who came from Ireland as a foreign missionary among the Picts of Wester Ross. The boundary of Druimalban, the watershed that separates the West Highlands and Islands from the rest of Scotland, seems to have been established during the same period when Maelrubai was abbot, while the last Class I Pictish symbol-stones were being carved in the Outer Hebrides, Skye and Raasay. Maelrubai's Gaelic foundation would later provide inspiration for a revival of Pictish sculptural taste in the region. Maelrubai's successors at Applecross exercised sculptural patronage and the sculptors they employed were probably Picts. The largest Applecross fragment provides a link between major Pictish sculptural sites in Easter Ross and southern Pictland, as well as Iona, the Book of Kells and Ireland. After the Applecross and Iona workshops ceased functioning, Applecross continued to exert sculptural influence west of Druimalban into the 10th c. ;
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Applecross (GBR) ; Grande-Bretagne ; Maelrubha, saint, v.632-722 ; Ornement ; Pictes ; Région ; Sculpture ; 600-1000 ;
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Applecross (GBR) ; Great Britain ; Maelrubha, S., ca.632-722 ; Ornament ; Picts ; Region ; Sculpture ; 600-1000 ;
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Article ;
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24992898 ;
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