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The Wenceslas chapel in St. Vitus' cathedral, Prague : the marriage of imperial iconography and Bohemian kingship

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ORMROD, Lucy ;
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University of London, Courtauld Institute
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English ;
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The S. Wenceslas chapel in S. Vitus cathedral, Prague, completed in 1366 to the designs of Peter Parler, is dedicated to the duke and patron saint of Bohemia's native Premyslid dynasty. The chapel provides, as an isolated entity, one of the finest examples of the extravagance and exoticism of the patronage of the Bohemian king and Roman emperor Charles IV. Constructed directly over the original burial place of the saint, the chapel was always to be the ideological heart of the new cathedral. Analyzes and uncovers the multiple meanings of the chapel's figural decoration and furnishings, including its painted Passion cycle, its stone inlay, the decoration and iconography of its shrine base and feretory, its sacrament house, and its applied metalwork and sculptural decoration. The study also stands as a point of departure towards an understanding of Charles IV's marriage of imperial propaganda to the cult of Bohemian kingship. Argues that the Wenceslas chapel can be seen to derive from a specific set of Bohemian prerogatives from the 1340s, in which the cult of S. Wenceslas played a distinct role. It was these Bohemian prerogatives, in turn, which laid the foundations for the imperial successes of the 1350s. ;
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2 v. (384; ca. 200 p.); 370 ill. (some col.); plans; typescript ;
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Architecture ; Art ; Chapelle ; Charles IV, empereur du Saint Empire romain germanique, 1316-1378 ; Culte ; Décor ; Grande-Bretagne ; Iconographie ; Kaple S. Václava ; Mécénat ; Premyslid, dynastie ; Parler, Peter, 1330-1399 ; Peinture murale ; Praha (CZE), Prazský hrad, S. Vít (cathédrale) ; République tchèque ; Thèse ; Venceslas, saint, duc de Bohême, m.929 ; 1300-1400 ; 900-1400 ;
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Architecture ; Art ; Chapels ; Charles IV, Holy Roman emperor, 1316-1378 ; Cults ; Czech Republic ; Decoration ; Dissertations ; Great Britain ; Iconography ; Kaple S. Václava ; Mural painting ; Premyslid dynasty ; Parler, Peter, 1330-1399 ; Patronage ; Praha (CZE), Prazský hrad, S. Vít (cathedral) ; Wenceslaus, S., duke of Bohemia, d.929 ; 1300-1400 ; 900-1400 ;
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Thèses ;
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