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Ancestral images : the iconography of human origins

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MOSER, Stephanie ; GAMBLE, Clive ;
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English ;
Abstract :
An artistic, historical and scientific study of how the human race, in its most ancient form, has been visually represented over the centuries. Demonstrates how pictorial reconstruction of the distant past was central to the scientific perception of the past. Examines the visions of human creation that were produced in antiquity, and in early Christian, medieval and Renaissance times, and assesses the contribution of antiquarians to the iconography of prehistory. Particular attention is paid to the first scientific reconstructions in the 19th c. Also considers the use and enormous impact of reconstructions in popular literature in Europe and North America. Demonstrates that these illustrations represented theories of human behaviour that were current when they were produced. Also shows that early visualizations of prehistory have retained a strong hold on the imagination, making it difficult for archaeologists and anthropologists to dismantle some of the more misleading aspects of this pictorial tradition. ;
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200 ; xxiv, 200 p., [8] p. of pl.; ill. (8 col.) ;
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Anthropologie ; Antiquarianisme ; Archéologie ; Art ; Etres humains ; Iconographie ; Perception ; Préhistoire ; Représentation ;
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Anthropology ; Antiquarianism ; Archaeology ; Art ; Humans ; Iconography ; Perception ; Prehistory ; Representation ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24992362 ;
ISBN 0750911786 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Sutton, Stroud
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