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Kunst & kontekst : museet i 90'erne : seminar på Det kgl. danske Kunstakademi 26. & 27. november 1995

Art & context : the museum in the 90s : a seminar held at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 26 & 27 November 1995
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BUKDAHL, Else Marie ; DAM CHRISTENSEN, Hans ; KOLD, Anders ; PETERSEN, Lars Bent ; GETHER, Christian ; DAMSGAARD, Nina ; PETERSEN, Vibeke ; LERHARD, Morten ; KYNDRUP, Morten ; LERCHE, Freddie A. ; MEYER, Peter S. ; SANDBERG, Jens Henrik ; ANDREASEN, Søren ; NITTVE, Lars ; CHRISTENSEN, Torben ; BRØGGER, Andreas ; JUHL, Carsten ; OLSEN, Sanne Kofod ; HINNUM, Susan ; BÄCKLUND, Jan ;
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Danish ;
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Publication of speeches delivered at a seminar on the relationship between art museums and art. 'Opening speech,' by Else Marie Bukdahl; 'The fall of museums,' by Hans Dam Christensen; 'Art at the modern museum,' by Anders Kold; 'The museum in the age of mechanical reproduction,' by Lars Bent Petersen; 'The museum of art in future,' by Christian Gether; 'Robin Hood in the museum forest: are public funds properly used?' by Nina Damsgaard; 'The time of art, art of the time,' by Vibeke Petersen; 'Between two days, and two ages,' by Morten Lerhard; 'The museum for art, the temple of thought,' by Morten Kyndrup; 'The fox and the hare,' by Freddie A. Lerche; 'The museum of art and the experience of aesthetics,' by Peter S. Meyer; 'The Kunsthalle, better, worse, or just completely different,' by Jens Henrik Sandberg; 'OK,' on the authorship of a work of art, by Søren Andreasen; 'The Kunsthalle,' by Lars Nittve; a discussion of the contemporary museum of art as a center of entertainment, by Torben Christensen; 'The sense and responsibility of art criticism,' by Andreas Brøgger; 'Archive and Salmonella, the museum problem of contemporary art,' by Carsten Juhl; 'The discriminated work of art,' by Sanne Kofod Olsen; 'Drop museums,' by Susan Hinnum; 'The private collector,' by Jan Bäcklund; and extracts from the panel discussion. ;
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176 ; 176 p. ;
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Art ; Congrès ; København (DNK), Kunstakademiet ; Musée ; 1900-2000 ; 1990-1995 ;
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Art ; Conferences ; København (DNK), Kunstakademiet ; Museums ; 1900-2000 ; 1990-1995 ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24991990 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Det kgl. danske Kunstakademi, København
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