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The Apocalypse : and the shape of things to come

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CHRISTIE, Ian ; KERMODE, Frank ; COHN, Norman ; ALEXANDER, Jonathan ; MICHAEL, Michael ; KAUFFMANN, Martin ; PARSHALL, Peter ; BARTRUM, Giulia ; EITEL-PORTER, Rhoda ; BINDMAN, David ;
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CAREY, Frances ;
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exposition ; London (GBR), British Museum ;
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English ;
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Examines the depiction of the Apocalypse in the visual arts over nearly 1000 years. Two essays set the stage for understanding the psychological and biblical context of apocalypticism, while the art-historical contributions present, in chronological progression, some of the salient aspects of the subject from a western European perspective, concentrating on its transmission through graphic means and concluding with the cinema in the 20th c. Prior to the advent of printing, the most elaborate expression of apocalyptic imagery was in the extended Apocalypse cycles, of which the earliest surviving manuscripts date from the Carolingian period of the 9th to 10th cs. After the great manuscript cycles, and the early block-books which were the first to translate the imagery into printed form, the defining moment in the development of the pictorial tradition was Dürer's publication of his set of 15 woodcuts in 1498. The next cycle of major significance was by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Apocalyptic imagery was exploited as a vehicle for propaganda and satire during the Reformation and the ensuing wars of religion across northern Europe, and during the Civil War period and Commonwealth in Britain. Apocalypticism gradually lost its intellectual credibility, re-emerging as a weapon of secular satire at the hands of artists like James Gillray and Thomas Rowlandson in the latter part of the 18th c. The events of the 20th c. have ensured the survival of apocalyptic metaphor in all media. ;
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352 ; 352 p.; 295 ill. (95 col.) ;
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Apocalypse ; Apocalypse (manuscrit) ; Apocalyptique ; Bible, N.T., Apocalypse ; Cinéma ; Enluminure ; Estampe ; Exposition ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Illustration ; London (GBR), National Gallery ; Peinture ; Propagande ; Satire ;
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Apocalypse ; Apocalypses (manuscripts) ; Apocalypticism ; Bible, N.T., Revelation ; Christian iconography ; Exhibitions ; Films ; Iconography ; Illustration ; London (GBR), National Gallery ; Manuscript illumination ; Painting ; Prints ; Propaganda ; Satire ;
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Catalogue d'exposition ;
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24990561 ;
ISBN 0714126233 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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British Museum Press for the Trustees of the British Museum, London
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