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Discovering the secrets of soft-paste porcelain at the Saint-Cloud Manufactory ca. 1690-1766

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ALBIS, Antoine d' ; CASSIDY-GEIGER, Maureen ; GRANDJEAN, Gilles ; LAHAUSSOIS, Christine ; LE CORBEILLER, Clare ; LE DUC, Geneviève ; PLINVAL DE GUILLEBON, Régine de ;
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exposition ; New York (NY, USA), Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts ;
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English ;
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Catalogue for an exhibition of more than 200 examples of Saint-Cloud soft-paste porcelain. With eight introductory essays: 'The Saint-Cloud Porcelain Manufactory: between innovation and tradition,' by Bertrand Rondot; 'Methods of manufacturing porcelain in France in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries,' by Antoine d'Albis; 'Saint-Cloud and the goust de Raphaël,' by Clare Le Corbeiller; 'Saint-Cloud and Delft: two interpretations of Chinese porcelain,' by Christine Lahaussois; 'The porcelain of Rouen,' by Gilles Grandjean; 'The soft-paste porcelain manufactory in Saint-Cloud and the so-called Saint-Cloud Porcelain Manufactory in Paris (ca.1693-1766),' by Geneviève Le Duc; 'The manufacture and sale of soft-paste porcelain in Paris in the eighteenth century,' by Régine de Plinval de Guillebon; and 'Meissen and Saint-Cloud, Dresden and Paris: royal and lesser connections and parallels,' by Maureen Cassidy-Geiger. ;
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303 ; 303 p.; ill. (chiefly col.) ;
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Céramique ; Exposition ; Fabrication ; France ; Manufacture de céramique ; New York (NY, USA), Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorati ; Porcelaine à pâte tendre ; Saint-Cloud (manufacture de porcelaine), Saint-Cloud (FRA) ; Technique ; 1600-1800 ; 1690-1766 ;
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Ceramics ; Ceramics factories ; Exhibitions ; France ; Manufacture ; New York (NY, USA), Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorati ; Saint-Cloud (porcelain manufactory), Saint-Cloud (FRA) ; Soft paste porcelain ; Technique ; 1600-1800 ; 1690-1766 ;
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Catalogue d'exposition ;
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24987919 ;
ISBN 0300081073 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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New Haven, CT; London; Yale University Press for the Bard Graduate Center for the Studies in the Decorative Arts, New York
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