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Museums and the future of collecting

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PEARCE, Susan ; DUNN, Richard ; KELL, Patricia ; DUCLOS, Rebecca ; LAWSON, Barbara ; MARTIN, Paul ; KAVANAGH, Gaynor ; VUJIC, Zarka ; CLAYTON, Nicola ; TAYLOR, Michael ; OWEN, Janet ; YOUNG, Linda ; STEEN, Anna ; BURSELL, Barbro ; GARCIA, María ; CHINEA, Carmen ; FARINA, José ; GAGNON, Jean-Marc ; FITZGERALD, Gerald ; AINSLIE, Patricia ;
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English ;
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Presents papers originating from a conference Carry on collecting?, organised by the Department of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. It contains about half the papers presented at the conference, many rewritten for this volume, along with other papers which tackled some of the central issues of the collecting problem. The question of what and how should museums collect raises many questions of both a practical and philosophical nature, reflected in the multidisciplinary nature of the papers. Papers are entitled : 'Collections and collecting,' by Susan Pearce, 'Museums without collections : museum philosophy in West Africa,' by Malcolm McLeod, 'The future of collecting : lessons from the past,' by Richard Dunn, 'The Ashmolean Museum : a case study of eighteenth-century collecting,' by Patricia Kell, 'The cartographies of collecting,' by Rebecca Duclos, 'From curio to cultural document,' by Barbara Lawson, 'Contemporary popular collecting,' by Paul Martin, 'Collecting from the era of memory, myth and delusion,' by Gaynor Kavanagh, 'Collecting in time of war,' by Zarka Vujic, 'The politics of museum collecting in the 'old' and the 'new' South Africa,' by Graham Dominy, 'Folk devils in our midst? : collecting from 'deviant' groups,' by Nicola Clayton, 'All legal and ethical? : museums and the international market in fossils,' by John Martin, 'What is in a 'national' museum? : the challenges of collecting policies at the National Museums of Scotland,' by Michael Taylor, 'Who is steering the ship? : museums and archaeological fieldwork,' by Janet Owen, 'Collecting : reclaiming the art, systematising the technique,' by Linda Young, 'Samdok : tools to make the world visible,' by Anna Steen, 'Professionalising collecting,' by Barbro Bursell, 'Developing a collecting strategy for smaller museums,' by María García, Carmen Chinea and José Fariña, 'Towards a national collection strategy : reviewing existing holdings,' by Jean-Marc Gagnon and Gerald Fitzgerald, 'Deaccessioning as a collections management tool,' by Patricia Ainslie, 'Collecting live performance,' by James Fowler, and 'Redefining collecting,' by Tomislav Sola. ;
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200 ; ix, 200 p.; ill.; diagrams ;
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Acquisitions ; Art ; Cession ; Congrès ; Conservateurs ; Culture matérielle ; Documentation ; Gestion artistique ; Identité nationale ; Leicester (GBR), University of Leicester ; London (GBR), Victoria and Albert Museum ; Matériel archéologique ; Méthodologie ; Musée ; Muséologie ; Oxford (GBR), Oxford University, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeo ; Présentation ; Valeur esthétique ;
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Acquisitions ; Archaeological materials ; Art ; Arts management ; Conferences ; Curators ; Deaccessioning ; Display techniques ; Documentation ; Leicester (GBR), University of Leicester ; London (GBR), Victoria and Albert Museum ; Material culture ; Methodology ; Museology ; Museums ; National identity ; Oxford (GBR), Oxford University, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeo ; Value (aesthetics) ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24986277 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Aldershot; Brookfield, VT; Singapore; Sydney; Ashgate
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