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The art of dissent in Fascist Italy : the Bottai years, 1936-1943

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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
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Examines dissent and its role in Italy during the last years of Fascism. The dates coincide with Giuseppe Bottai's position as Minister of National Education (in charge of artistic policies), and with the regime's increasing closeness with Nazi Germany and its resulting deliberations (for instance, the Italian Race Laws of 1938). As the regime allowed a degree of dissent in art, assesses whether the force of dissent was thus somehow reduced or neutralised. Looks first at art and artists' place in the Fascist state, then at art writing, and, finally, at painting and dissent within the regime. Sketches an outline of the period, then moves on to examine the pivotal figure of Bottai, before looking at three official exhibitions (The Venice Biennale, the Rome Quadriennale and the Premio Cremona), and how they reflected the artistic and political climate over the years. Compares the writing on art and politics in the official review of the Ministry of National Education, Le Arti, with two others - Corrente, an independent review whose radical views eventually led to its shutdown, and Bottai's own review Primato, which expressed 'liberal' views but was accused of trapping young intellectuals into collaborating with the regime. Analyses the painting of the Corrente group. Corrente was seen by post-war critics as a consciously and actively dissenting group. The way dissent was expressed by these artists and its effectiveness are studied. Finally, Bottai's Premio Bergamo art competition and the Corrente presence there are investigated in order to measure the import and effectiveness of dissent in this important exhibition. ;
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Art ; Arti (Firenze, 1938-1943) ; Bottai, Giuseppe, 1895-1959 ; Concours ; Corrente (groupe d'artistes) ; Corrente (Milano, 1938-1940) ; Critique d'art ; Etat ; Exposition ; Fascisme ; Groupes et Sociétés d'artistes ; Italie ; Littérature d'art ; Peinture ; Politique ; Premio Bergamo ; Premio Cremona ; Prix (récompense) ; Revue ; Roma (ITA), Quadriennale nazionale d'arte di Roma ; Thèse ; Venezia (ITA), Biennale di Venezia ; 1900-2000 ;
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Art ; Art criticism ; Art literature ; Arti (Firenze, 1938-1943) ; Artists' groups and associations ; Awards ; Bottai, Giuseppe, 1895-1959 ; Competitions ; Corrente (artists' group) ; Corrente (Milano, 1938-1940) ; Dissertations ; Exhibitions ; Fascism ; Italy ; Painting ; Periodicals ; Politics ; Premio Bergamo ; Premio Cremona ; Roma (ITA), Quadriennale nazionale d'arte di Roma ; State ; Venezia (ITA), Biennale di Venezia ; 1900-2000 ;
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Thèses ;
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