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In medio ecclesiae : screens, crucifixes and shrines in the Franciscan church interior in Italy (c. 1230-c. 1400)

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COOPER, Donal Albert ;
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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
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Argues that a holistic understanding of the medieval furnishing of a church interior is a prerequisite for analysing the religious imagery commissioned for that space. The most significant aspect of this spatial context was its division, visually and physically, by screens and choir precincts. Awareness of these elements of church furnishing in medieval Italy is limited, and this study seeks to redress this deficit with regard to Franciscan practice. Part I marshals the evidence for screens in Franciscan churches, using fresh archival research to widen the base of available material. The function of these structures is clarified and Franciscan arrangements are compared with those of the other mendicant orders and the secular clergy. Part II analyses the production of large painted crosses for Franciscan churches. In their capacity as rood images these panels demand to be studied in relation to screens. Suggests that their iconography, when seen in context, functioned as a visual compensation for Mass at the high altar. Part III considers shrine provision in Franciscan churches and demonstrates how cults came to be reconciled with the norms of liturgical layout and access. Part IV reassesses a group of panels that have been interpreted as screens in their own right : the double-sided altarpieces painted for Franciscan houses in Umbria. A constant theme is the reconstruction of a 'typical' Franciscan church interior in this period. Other issues emerge in relation to this : the degree of influence exerted by the mother house in Assisi and an awareness of the vitality and pluralism of Italian church layout before the Counter Reformation. Argues that the design of the church interior was ultimately designed for the celebration and visual dramatisation of the Mass. ;
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2 v. (285, 290 p.); ill. (some col.); maps; plans; typescript ;
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Architecture ; Crucifix ; Culte ; Eglise ; Franciscains ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Italie ; Jubé ; Liturgie ; Messe ; Mobilier d'église ; Monument funéraire ; Peinture ; Retable ; Thèse ; 1200-1400 ;
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Altarpieces ; Architecture ; Chancel screens ; Christian iconography ; Church furnishings ; Churches ; Crucifixes ; Cults ; Dissertations ; Franciscans ; Iconography ; Italy ; Liturgy ; Mass (liturgy) ; Painting ; Sepulchral monuments ; 1200-1400 ;
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Thèses ;
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24986221 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;