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Re-visioning antiquity : domestic paintings, manuscript compendia and the experience of the ancient past in fifteenth century Florence

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CAMPBELL, Caroline Margaret ;
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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
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Surveys the treatment of domestic painting by historians and art historians from Vasari to the present, showing the gradual reincorporation of cassone and spalliera paintings within the art historical canon in the 20th c. Places this study of domestic painting within studies of the Renaissance as a 'rediscovery' of antiquity. Argues that manuscript compendia of history, produced in considerable quantity during the 15th c., were dominated by tales of ancient and modern 'great men' with clear contemporary relevance, concentrating on the fall of the Roman Republic, and moralised versions of the Metamorphosis and the Aeneid. Certain stories were altered to conform with Florentine traditions and morals. The same narratives were crucial to the domestic painting repertoire. Argues that attempts to unite paganism and Christianity were common to all spheres of Florentine life, and were not restricted to the domestic setting or to the visual arts. Discusses how ancient histories were transformed into historical narrative mirroring contemporary life to suit furniture painting's function as a means of conveying exemplary lessons to men and women within the patrician household. Analysis centres round retellings of Aeneas, Dido and Lavinia, Julius Caesar and the Sabine Women. The resulting histories occupied a semi-fantastical world somewhere between 15th c. Florence and Florentine perceptions of ancient Rome. The methods used to alter and 'florentinise' ancient histories are examined in detail. Concentrates on the use of architectural settings and costume to give all'antica histories a quasi-Florentine setting. Finally, argues that poetry and favole were also transformed into exemplary histories so that they were appropriate to domestic decorative schemes. This is examined through a detailed study of the Tornabuoni-Albizzi Argonautica series of spalliera. ;
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2 v. (326 p., 85 p. of pl.); 85 ill. (some col.); typescript ;
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Antique (art) ; Antiquité ; Cassone ; Classicisme ; Firenze (ITA) ; Histoire ; Histoire de l'art ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Italie ; Lambris d'appui ; Littérature ; Mobilier ; Mythologie ; Narration ; Peinture ; Renaissance ; Thèse ; Vie domestique ; 1400-1500 ;
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Ancient ; Antiquity ; Art history ; Cassoni ; Christian iconography ; Classicism ; Dissertations ; Domestic life ; Firenze (ITA) ; Furniture ; History ; Iconography ; Italy ; Literature ; Mythology ; Narrative ; Painting ; Renaissance ; Wainscoting ; 1400-1500 ;
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