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Studies in art, architecture and patronage in Arezzo 1277-1400

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FRENI, Giovanni ;
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Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
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English ;
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Focuses on some specific aspects of religious patronage and shows the fundamental role of the liturgy and the cult of saints in the design of art objects and their architectural setting. The work is based on a number of case-studies. The first considers the building of the cathedral of Arezzo in the context of the history of the late mediaeval commune. Part of this study is dedicated to the funding of the cathedral and the organization of the Opera del Duomo, and formulates a new hypothesis about the building campaigns from 1277 to 1400 and their achievements. Some important architectural features of the building are explained as a consequence of the liturgical function of the cathedral rather than the expression of the abstract development of artistic style. The second part focuses on the public cult of saints and the production of art objects. Its first section is dedicated to the polyptych of the Pieve. The study of its patronage shows that Guido Tarlati, bishop of Arezzo, who commissioned the altarpiece from Pietro Lorenzetti, did not act as a private patron, but as a representative of the clergy of the Pieve. A new reconstruction of the original choir of the Pieve enables the altarpiece to be set in its original architectural and visual context. There follows a study of the head-reliquary of San Donato kept in the Pieve and the marble polyptych-shrine of San Donato in the cathedral. Both of them are set in the context of the public cult of the Aretine patron saint, as their liturgical function is closely associated with the public celebrations held in the Pieve and the cathedral on the eve and on the day of the feast of San Donato. An excursus discusses new hypotheses on the development of the design of the polyptych-shrine and the activity of the workshops which participated in its carving. The third part focuses on the building of private chapels in Arezzo. The foundation of private chapels is here related to the doctrine of the remission of sins developed by the Church in the late Middle Ages. There follows a consideration of the architectural design of the chapels, mostly based on documentary sources, as almost all of these oratories were destroyed during the Renaissance. There are three appendices : the text of the legend of Donato and Hilarianus; a catalogue of all the private chapels considered in this study; and transcriptions of all the unpublished documents cited in the text together with a selection of published sources. ;
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243 ; 2 v. (272, 243 p., 224 p. of. pl.); 225 ill. (some col.); plans; typescript ;
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Architecture ; Arezzo (ITA) ; Arezzo (ITA), cathédrale ; Arezzo (ITA), S. Maria ; Art ; Art du métal ; Chapelle ; Chef-reliquaire ; Culte ; Documents ; Donat, saint, évêque d'Arezzo, 4e s. ; Eglise ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Italie ; Liturgie ; Lorenzetti, Pietro, av.1306-v.1348 ; Monument funéraire ; Mécénat ; Polyptyque ; Retable ; Saints ; Sculpture ; Tarlati de Pietramala, Guido, évêque d'Arezzo, act.1306, m.v.1327 ; Thèse ; 1200-1400 ;
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Altarpieces ; Architecture ; Arezzo (ITA) ; Arezzo (ITA), cathedral ; Arezzo (ITA), S. Maria ; Art ; Chapels ; Christian iconography ; Churches ; Cults ; Dissertations ; Documents ; Donatus, S., bishop of Arezzo, 4th c. ; Head reliquaries ; Iconography ; Italy ; Liturgy ; Lorenzetti, Pietro, before 1306-ca.1348 ; Metalwork ; Patronage ; Polyptychs ; Saints ; Sculpture ; Sepulchral monuments ; Tarlati de Pietramala, Guido, bishop of Arezzo, act.1306, d.ca.1327 ; 1200-1400 ;
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Thèses ;
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