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The true, the fictive, and the real : the historical dictionary of architecture of Quatremère de Quincy

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YOUNES, Samir ;
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Provides the first English translation of the key theoretical essays from Quatremére's seminal work, Le Dictionnaire historique d'architecture of 1832. The importance of the Dictionnaire stems from Quatremère's reflections on the nature and ends of architecture; on the principles which are at the source of her rules, and on the roles of imitation and invention within tradition. Quatremère's Dictionnaire associates two major epistemological projects : the encyclopaedic and comprehensive aim of framing a general theory of fine arts, side by side with the aims of the architectural treatise. Introductory essays, followed by a biographical chapter, discuss the differences between Quatremère's ideas and the Cartesian milieu within which Claude Perrault and later Jean Nicholas Louis Durand had been attempting to place architecture. Treats Quatremère's ideas in their historical context as well as their important role within the contemporary larger project of the reconstruction of the city and architecture. ;
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271 ; 271 p.; 85 ill. ;
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Architecture ; Dictionnaire ; Dictionnaire historique d'architecture ; Ecrits ; France ; Quatremère de Quincy, Antoine Chrysostome, 1755-1849 ; Théorie de l'architecture ; Théorie de l'art ; 1700-1900 ;
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Architectural theory ; Architecture ; Art theory ; Dictionaries ; Dictionnaire historique d'architecture ; France ; Quatremère de Quincy, Antoine Chrysostome, 1755-1849 ; Writings ; 1700-1900 ;
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24986116 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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A. Papadakis, London
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