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Archaeological excavations at the Magdalene Tower, Drogheda, County Louth

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MURPHY, Donald ;
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English ;
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Describes results of a small-scale excavation confined to the west side of the tower which is the only surviving remnant of the medieval Dominican priory. The earliest feature on the site seems to have been the ditch-like feature which was running in an east-west direction. On pottery evidence, a 13th c. date can be ascribed to the filling of the ditch. It is possible that the ditch was either related to the original line of the town defences or part of an enclosure around the early 13th c. leper hospital which is said to have stood on the site of the later church and outside the early town wall. The excavation throws some light on the original extent and layout of the priory, but very little can be said with certainty. All traces of the post-15th c. history of the church were destroyed by post-medieval disturbance. In stark contrast to the unremarkable pottery assemblage, medieval floor-tiles constitute the largest part of the finds collection. Glass finds, clay pipes, stone and iron finds are for the most part post-medieval. A decorated copper-alloy buckle and strap tag belonging to a Breke belt, an item of clothing believed to have been worn during the 14th c., were found with one of the burials discovered. ;
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15 ill.; plans ;
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Architecture ; Carreau ; Cimetière ; Céramique ; Drogheda (IRL), S. Mary Magdalene (couvent dominicain) ; Fouilles ; Irlande ; Mobilier funéraire ; Poterie ; Prieuré ; Tombe ; Tour ; Trouvaille ; 1200-1500 ;
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Archaeological finds ; Architecture ; Cemeteries ; Ceramics ; Drogheda (IRL), S. Mary Magdalene (Dominican convent) ; Excavations ; Grave goods ; Graves ; Ireland ; Pottery ; Priories ; Tiles ; Towers ; 1200-1500 ;
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Article ;
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Journal of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society, 1997, 24, 1
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24986098 ;
ISSN 0070-1327 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Dundalgan Press, Dundalk
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