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Early modern visual culture : representation, race, and empire in Renaissance England; Philadelphia; University of Pennsylvania Press

Art for the sake of dynasty : the black emperor in the Drake jewel and Elizabethan imperial imagery

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DALTON, Karen C. C. ;
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English ;
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Surveys English portraiture of the mid-to-late 16th c., organized around ideas of empire, as they emerge from a juxtaposition of the Drake Jewel (on loan to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London) and the image of a black emperor, both of which serve as indexes of Elizabethan ideology. The Drake Jewel consists of an enameled gold case set with rubies and diamonds from which is suspended a cluster of small pearls and a larger pearl. The front of the jewel is a cameo which depicts a black emperor and a white woman, the reverse opens to reveal a miniature of Queen Elizabeth painted by Nicholas Hilliard. The author argues that the Jewel encapsulates in miniature the development of Elizabethan imperial imagery in the late 1580s. Interprets individually and as an ensemble the images that comprise the Drake Jewel, while situating the Drake Jewel within the broader framework of elaboration and functions of Elizabethan iconography. ;
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14 ill. ;
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Bijou ; Camée ; Elizabeth I, reine d'Angleterre, 1533-1603 ; Empereurs ; Gemme ; Grande-Bretagne ; Hilliard, Nicholas, 1547-1618/19 ; Iconographie ; Joyau de Drake ; Miniature (portrait) ; Peinture ; Portrait ; 1500-1600 ;
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Cameos ; Drake Jewel ; Elizabeth I, queen of England, 1533-1603 ; Emperors ; Gems ; Great Britain ; Hilliard, Nicholas, 1547-1618/19 ; Iconography ; Jewelry ; Miniatures ; Painting ; Portraits ; 1500-1600 ;
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Article ;
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24986003 ;
ISBN 08122355920812217349 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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