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The rotunda of Sancta Maria in Dijon as 'Ostwerk'

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MALONE, Carolyn Marino ;
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English ;
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The rotunda joined to the chevet of S. Bénigne was dedicated in 1018 to the Virgin Mary. Carol Heitz considered the rotunda of S. Maria as the foremost example of a new concentration of altars and processions in the east end of a church around the year 1000. He also seems to have coined the term 'Ostwerk', which he sometimes referred to as 'opus orientalis', when characterizing the rotunda in Dijon as the successor to the Carolingian Westwerk. Malone writes 'Heitz's interpretation of the rotunda of Sancta Maria as the liturgical successor of the Carolingian westwork needs to be questioned if we are to understand the architectural setting for the liturgy around the year 1000. We shall see that the rotunda in Dijon did not, as Heitz believed, function as a center for the paschal liturgy in emulation of the Holy Sepulchre, like the Carolingian westwork did. Instead, the evidence shows that the rotunda was used most frequently during processions on the Virgin's feast days and on the feast of Christ's nativity in keeping with its consecration to the Virgin in imitation of the rededicated Pantheon'. ;
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Architecture ; Dijon (FRA), S. Bénigne (cathédrale) ; Ecrits ; Eglise ; France ; Heitz, Carol, 1923-1995 ; Historiens de l'art ; Liturgie ; Massif occidental ; Rotonde ; 1000-1100 ; 1900-2000 ;
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Architecture ; Art historians ; Churches ; Dijon (FRA), S. Bénigne (cathedral) ; France ; Heitz, Carol, 1923-1995 ; Liturgy ; Rotundas ; Westworks ; Writings ; 1000-1100 ; 1900-2000 ;
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Article ;
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Speculum, 2000, 75, 2, Apr
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24985847 ;
ISSN 0038-7134 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, MA
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