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An astrologer's map : a relic of late antiquity

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EDSON, Evelyn ; SAVAGE-SMITH, Emilie ;
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English ;
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A Greek map of the world, which includes a windrose, zones, places in and around Egypt, and hell, is studied in reference to its context: an anonymous astrological miscellany. Other examples of this map have been found in a second context, among anonymous scholia to Theon of Alexandria's commentary on Ptolemy's Handy tables (Procheiroi kanones), which were also of use to astrologers. The selection of Egyptian place-names found on the map provides some clue to its possible origin, while the omission of the Mediterranean as well as the port of Alexandria is significant. Evidence suggests that the original map (known today only through later copies) is of an earlier date than the texts surrounding it, and that it may be one of the earliest world maps preserved from Late Antiquity. [Oxford, Bodleian Library]. ;
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7 ill. ;
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Antiquité tardive ; Astrologie ; Carte ; Dessin ; Grèce ; Mappemonde ; Oxford (GBR), Oxford University, Bodleian Library ;
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Astrology ; Drawing ; Greece ; Late Antique ; Mappemondes ; Maps ; Oxford (GBR), Oxford University, Bodleian Library ;
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Article ;
Source :
Imago mundi (Lympne), 2000, 52
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24985652 ;
ISSN 0308-5694 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Taylor & Francis, Abingdon
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