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Santi, supplizi e storia nella pittura murale lombarda del XII secolo : la cappella di San Martino a Carugo, Mariano Comense

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ALFANI, Elena ;
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Italian ;
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An analysis of the iconography and historical and artistic context of the mural paintings of the oratory of S. Martino, Carugo. Argues that the patrons of the mural decoration (Life of S. Martin, bishop of Tours, Five Martyrs of Sebaste, Last Judgment, and other subjects) were the De Giussano family, 12th c. lords of the castrum of Gattedo (of which the oratory was part), then part of the parish (pieve) of Mariano Comense. On the basis of the iconographical analysis, dates the paintings ca.1105-ca.1120. Appendix: a catalogue list of representations (art, 10th-early 13th cs.) of the Five Martyrs of Sebaste, and a catalogue (22 entries) of representations (European art, 11th-early 16th cs.) of the bishop saints Martin of Tours and Ambrose of Milan. ;
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294 ; 294 p., [24] p. of pl.; 131 ill. (32 col.); diagrams; plans ;
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Ambroise, saint, évêque de Milan, v.340-397 ; Carugo (ITA), S. Martino ; Cinq martyrs de Sébaste ; Commande d'oeuvre d'art ; Da Giussano, famille, 12e s. ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Italie ; Mariano Comense (ITA) ; Martin, saint, évêque de Tours, v.316-397 ; Peinture murale ; Saints ; 900-1600 ;
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Ambrose, S., bishop of Milan, ca.340-397 ; Carugo (ITA), S. Martino ; Christian iconography ; Commissions ; Da Giussano family, 12th c. ; Five Martyrs of Sebaste ; Iconography ; Italy ; Mariano Comense (ITA) ; Martin, S., bishop of Tours, ca.316-397 ; Mural painting ; Saints ; 900-1600 ;
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Ouvrage ;
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24985320 ;
ISBN 888589786X ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Àrgos, Roma
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