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Symmetry and eurythmy at the Pantheon : the fate of Bernini's perceptions from the seventeenth century to the present day

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Antiquity and its interpreters; Cambridge; Cambridge University Press ;
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In the 17th c. the composition of the attic of the Pantheon was not seen as properly 'classical'. Reactions took three general forms : that of the 'strict constructionists', best represented by Palladio; 'interventionists', like Francesco di Giorgio, Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, and Sebastiano Serlio; and the 'abolitionists'. The conundrum of the attic plagued critics of the Pantheon at least into the mid-17th c. Eventually it was Bernini who first explained, using the Vitruvian terms of symmetry and eurythmy, how the pilastrini of the attic corresponded to the order of pilasters and columns rising from the pavement. Looks at the lack of acceptance of Bernini's explanation of the attic level of the Pantheon. Argues that Bernini used the terms as a rhetorical device to dissuade his patron Alexander VII from refashioning the interior of the Pantheon. One of the reasons for the lack of acceptance of Bernini's explanation may pertain to the lack of consensus on matters of terminology. The attic remained a problem of formal interpretation into the 18th c. In the mid-18th c. the architect Paolo Posi essentially redecorated this zone of the elevation, and drew criticism well into the 19th c. ;
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Alexandre VII, pape, 1599-1667 ; Architecture ; Bernini, Gian Lorenzo, 1598-1680 ; Composition ; Critique architecturale ; Mansarde (pièce) ; Posi, Paolo, 1708-1776 ; Proportion ; Restauration ; Roma (ITA), Pantheon ; Romain (art) ; Réception ; Rythme ; Symétrie ; Terminologie ; Théorie de l'architecture ;
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Alexander VII, pope, 1599-1667 ; Architectural criticism ; Architectural theory ; Architecture ; Attics ; Bernini, Gian Lorenzo, 1598-1680 ; Composition ; Posi, Paolo, 1708-1776 ; Proportion ; Reception ; Restoration ; Rhythm ; Roma (ITA), Pantheon ; Roman ; Symmetry ; Terminology ;
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