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Italian culture in northern Europe in the eighteenth century; Cambridge; Cambridge University Press

Gustaf III and Italian culture

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KENT, Neil ;
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The close connections between French and Swedish culture, especially in architecture and the visual arts, was encouraged by political motives as well as the fact that France was a cultural model throughout Europe. However, a growing concern to develop a native school of arts and architecture led to a reduction in French artistic influence. Ironically, this view served to reinforce the growing interest in Italy and Italian tastes in the arts, providing as it did an alternative model. Italy played a major role in providing a cultural nursery for many of the principal patrons, architects and artists active in Sweden throughout the 18th c. This Italian cultural influence was of considerable importance not only for Swedish architects and artists themselves but also for the French architects and artists who made Sweden their home during much of their creative lives. It was the inspiration of the art, architecture and archaeological ruins of Italy, rather than its artists and architects, which particularly attracted the attention and patronage of Gustav III of Sweden and his court towards the end of the 18th c., and French artists who interpreted the Italianate ideals. Includes discussion of the work of Johan Tobias Sergel and Louis Masreliez who became leading proponents of the neo-classical movement in Scandinavian circles, and Louis-Jean Desprez. The argument is carried into the beginning of the 19th c., after the death of Gustav III. ;
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Architecture ; Art de cour ; Desprez, Louis Jean, 1743-1804 ; France ; Gustav III, roi de Suède, 1746-1792 ; Identité culturelle ; Influence ; Italie ; Masreliez, Louis Adrien, 1748-1810 ; Mécénat ; Peinture ; Scénographie ; Sculpture ; Sergell, Johan Tobias, 1740-1814 ; Suède ; 1700-1800 ;
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Architecture ; Court art ; Cultural identity ; Desprez, Louis Jean, 1743-1804 ; France ; Gustav III, king of Sweden, 1746-1792 ; Influence ; Italy ; Masreliez, Louis Adrien, 1748-1810 ; Painting ; Patronage ; Scenography ; Sculpture ; Sergell, Johan Tobias, 1740-1814 ; Sweden ; 1700-1800 ;
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