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Italian culture in northern Europe in the eighteenth century; Cambridge; Cambridge University Press

Friends serving itinerant muses : Jacopo Amigoni and Farinelli in Europe

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HENNESSEY, Leslie Griffin ;
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English ;
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Examines the friendship between the artist Jacopo Amigoni and the castrato Farinelli who, at certain times in his life, acted as Amigoni's protector and patron. Stresses the itinerancy of both artists and musicians, and shows how Italian subcultures functioned in a northern European climate. Sheds light on shifting patterns of patronage, taste, and artistic styles as the two men moved between northern and southern Europe. Notes how each man benefitted from Venice's status as a cosmopolitan centre of art and theatre, and exposure to the prevailing taste at a German-speaking court. In the 1730s, the two friends were part of the patronage and speculative commerce of the London arts scene. In the following decades they were both in the employ of Madrid's Bourbon royalty. Concludes with a discussion of the group portrait by Amigoni commissioned by Farinelli (Portrait Group : the Singer Farinelli and Friends, Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria), showing how the artist consciously created references to the rich culture and craft of the painter's profession to please 18th c. connoisseurs. The portrait also gave visual form to Farinelli's self-image, which was constructed out of the overlapping conventions of court and theatre ;
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Amigoni, Jacopo, 1682-1752 ; Cour ; Farinelli, Carlo Broschi, 1705-1782 ; Goût (esthétique) ; Iconographie ; Italie ; Melbourne (AUS), National Gallery of Victoria ; Mécénat ; Opéra ; Peinture ; Portrait de groupe ; Portrait de groupe: le chanteur Farinelli et ses amis ; Séjour ; 1700-1800 ;
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Amigoni, Jacopo, 1682-1752 ; Courts ; Farinelli, Carlo Broschi, 1705-1782 ; Group portraits ; Iconography ; Italy ; Melbourne (AUS), National Gallery of Victoria ; Opera ; Painting ; Patronage ; Portrait Group: the Singer Farinelli and Friends ; Sojourn ; Taste (aesthetics) ; 1700-1800 ;
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Article ;
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24980995 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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