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Art, politics, and civic religion in Central Italy, 1261-1352 : essays by postgraduate students at the Courtauld Institute of Art; Aldershot; Brookfield; Ashgate

Reconstructing the programme of the tomb of Guido Tarlati, bishop and Lord of Arezzo

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PELHAM, Georgina ;
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Explores the historical context of the tomb, probably commissioned by Guido's family and designed in close collaboration with the sculptors Agostino di Giovanni and Agnolo di Ventura. Its current appearance bears witness to the vandalism carried out by enemies of the Tarlati family in 1341. Discusses the choice of design and narrative style in relation to contemporary thought. Suggests that an equestrian statue of Guido once stood beneath the cusped arch, which would fully agree with the programme of the whole structure, with the traditions of Arezzo and its people, as well as with Guido's own history as bishop, warrior, and signore. Despite its lack of overtly religious iconography, the politics of governing and contemporary thinking which it illustrates were at this time inextricably linked to Christianity. The tomb is remarkable in that its ideas were laid out in such a detailed programme. ;
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Agnolo di Ventura, act.1312, m.ap.1349 ; Agostino di Giovanni, act.1286, m.av.1347 ; Arezzo (ITA), cathédrale ; Commande d'oeuvre d'art ; Gouvernement ; Iconographie ; Italie ; Monument funéraire ; Sculpture ; Statue équestre ; Tarlati de Pietramala, Guido, évêque d'Arezzo, act.1306, m.v.1327 ; Tombeau de Guido Tarlati ; Vandalisme ; 1300-1400 ;
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Agnolo di Ventura, act.1312, d. after 1349 ; Agostino di Giovanni, act.1286, d. before 1347 ; Arezzo (ITA), cathedral ; Commissions ; Equestrian monuments ; Government ; Iconography ; Italy ; Sculpture ; Sepulchral monuments ; Tarlati de Pietramala, Guido, bishop of Arezzo, act.1306, d.ca.1327 ; Tomb of Guido Tarlati ; Vandalism ; 1300-1400 ;
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