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Bad Mergentheim - im Schloss und Museum wird die 800jährige Geschichte und die Gegenwart des Deutschen Ordens lebendig

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BITTEL, Christoph ;
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German ;
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An earlier building, probably a moated castle, on the site of the rambling palace which now stands in Bad Mergentheim was donated in 1219 by three brothers of the noble family of Hohenlohe, which held extensive estates in Franconia, to the Teutonic Order. This religious community - originally founded as a hospital confraternity in Palestine in 1190 and expanded to form an order of knights in 1198 - had its headquarters in Bad Mergentheim from 1537 to 1809. However, the Roman Catholic order, which is now run from Vienna, was at the peak of its power in the period from 1231 to 1525 when it conquered, cultivated and administered a large unified territory in Prussia and in the Baltic. In the period 1989 to 1996 the palace in Bad Mergentheim, which now belongs to the provincial government of Baden-Württemberg, was generously restored with state aid. Today, housed in its venerable walls on the edge of the old town, is the 'Museum of the Teutonic Order', the only one of its kind, which shows the history of the Order from its origins at the time of the crusades to the present day. ;
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4 col. ill. ;
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Allemagne ; Architecture ; Bad Mergentheim (DEU), Deutschordensmuseum ; Bad Mergentheim (DEU), Deutschordensschloss ; Chevaliers Teutoniques ; Palais ; Restauration ; 1200-1800 ;
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Architecture ; Bad Mergentheim (DEU), Deutschordensmuseum ; Bad Mergentheim (DEU), Deutschordensschloss ; Germany ; Palaces ; Restoration ; Teutonic Knights ; 1200-1800 ;
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Article ;
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Burgen und Schlösser, 1999, 40, 2
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24979889 ;
ISSN 0007-6201 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Deutsche Brugenvereinigung e. V. zur Erhaltung der historischen Wehr- und Wohnbauten, Marksburg über Braubach/Rhein
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