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Archaeological excavations in Steyning, 1992-95 : further evidence for the evolution of a late Saxon small town

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GARDINER, Mark ; GREATOREX, Christopher ;
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English ;
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Three excavations undertaken within the area of the historic town of Steyning clarified the character and extent of the late Anglo-Saxon settlement. At least three Saxo-Norman buildings were recorded in work at Coombe Court. These have some similarities to those previously recorded in the vicinity. Work at Tanyard Lane suggested that the site lay on the periphery of the Saxon town, but was occupied in the medieval period when it was the site of a kiln producing pottery and ridge tiles. The extension of Steyning Library allowed an opportunity to clarify the results of work undertaken there in 1962. A larger area was recorded, but no medieval structures were found. Further remains of the post-medieval buildings were recorded. Analysis of the plans of late Anglo-Saxon remains suggests a low density of settlement within the emerging town. Suggests that the settlement did not have a regular plan until the new town was founded on the present High Street in the late 12th or 13th c. Steyning is compared with North Elmham (Norfolk), which is identified as a failed late Saxon small town. Includes specialist reports on finds including pottery, metalwork, geological material, animal bone and butchery evidence. ;
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15 ill.; plans ;
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Anglo-saxon (art) ; Architecture ; Fouilles ; Four ; Grande-Bretagne ; Moyen Age ; Petite ville ; Steyning (GBR) ; Trouvaille ;
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Anglo-Saxon ; Archaeological finds ; Architecture ; Excavations ; Great Britain ; Kilns ; Medieval ; Steyning (GBR) ; Towns ;
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Article ;
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Sussex archaeological collections, 1997, 135
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24975909 ;
ISSN 0143-8204 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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Sussex Archaeological Society, Lewes
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