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Curator's memory : the case of the missing 'man of marble,' or, The rise and fall of socialist realism in Poland

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International Congress of the History of Art (29th, 1996, Amsterdam); Memory & oblivion : proceedings of the XXIXth International Congress of the History of Art held in Amsterdam, 1-7 September 1996; Dordrecht; Kluwer Academic Publishers ;
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Dramatic transformations in attitudes toward socialist realism in Poland were structured by a mixture of political, aesthetic and moral constraints. After the short phase of dictatorship (1949-1954), the subsequent 40 years of socialist realism's exile were marked by various shades of contempt, embarrassed oblivion mixed with curiosity, and revenge. Major museums played an active part in the maneuvering between the absence and presence of socialist realism in the Polish cultural landscape from 1949 to the mid-1990s. This paper examines those museums' contribution, first to the legitimization of socialist realism dictated by central cultural policy, then to its hasty retreat after 1955, when its ideological inefficiency was conceded and the rehabilitation of the artistic values of modernism began. During the 1960s and 1970s, museums played a key role in a process of creating two rival histories of Polish contemporary art, one emphasizing the 'realist' tradition, addressed to the eastern bloc, the other stressing the continuity of Polish modernism, for the west. Academic revaluation of socialist realism at the end of the 1970s was marked by a series of specialist exhibitions. The post-1989 assessments of the Stalinist legacy in general brought on a new, acute political/moral dilemma regarding the absence or presence of socialist realism in Polish art history. ;
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Art ; Musée ; Politique ; Pologne ; Réalisme social ; 1900-2000 ; 1949-1990 ;
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Art ; Museums ; Poland ; Politics ; Social realism ; 1900-2000 ; 1949-1990 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24975664 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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