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Regeneration and the legacy of Venus : towards an interpretation of memory at early Christian Golgotha

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PULLAN, Wendy ;
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International Congress of the History of Art (29th, 1996, Amsterdam); Memory & oblivion : proceedings of the XXIXth International Congress of the History of Art held in Amsterdam, 1-7 September 1996; Dordrecht; Kluwer Academic Publishers ;
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English ;
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Investigates the early Christian memory and interpretation of pagan precedents at Golgotha in Jerusalem. Christian scriptural narrative required that the holy sites were seen within some context of history, and a 4th c. text by church historian Eusebius attempts to situate the discovery of Christ's tomb and the subsequent Constantinian church within the Jewish and Roman past of the city. Eusebius uses the language of triumphalism, but a closer reading focuses on regeneration, both in the paradigm of Christ's resurrection and in the mimetic resurrection of the tomb itself. Eusebius's powerful condemnation of the Temple of Aphrodite, which he claims desecrated the site, and the consistency of similarly derogatory Christian attitudes well into the 5th c., indicate more than just a passing interest in the role of Aphrodite/Venus at Christianity's central holy place. The regenerative motif of the shell, identified with Venus's birth from the sea and prominently displayed on the Tomb of Christ, offers some clues to the Christian understanding. But ultimately a Christian reformulation of Aphrodite/Venus, based less in historical memory than in interpretation, appears to offer the required combination of defilement and regeneration that reinforces the early Christian meanings of Golgotha. ;
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Aphrodite ; Coquillage (objet) ; Ecrits ; Eusèbe, évêque de Césarée, 265-340 ; Histoire ; Iconographie ; Iconographie chrétienne ; Jérusalem (ISR), Golgotha ; Mémoire ; Paganisme ; Vénus ;
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Aphrodite ; Christian iconography ; Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea, 265-340 ; History ; Iconography ; Jerusalem (ISR), Golgotha ; Memory ; Paganism ; Shells ; Venus ; Writings ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24975628 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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