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Transforming ethics in conservation : change in the care of contemporary art

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SCOTT, John ;
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International Congress of the History of Art (29th, 1996, Amsterdam); Memory & oblivion : proceedings of the XXIXth International Congress of the History of Art held in Amsterdam, 1-7 September 1996; Dordrecht; Kluwer Academic Publishers ;
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English ;
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General questions of our relations to change in cultural properties, their contexts and their meanings confront all engaged in the care and interpretation of art. Modern conservation's ethical principles have traditionally protected the authenticity of cultural properties by attempting to prevent, control or reverse the effects of physical change such as rework or deterioration. This ethical tradition is sometimes obviated in restoration practice, for example in the care of modern art, and particularly in the care of recent contemporary art. For the most part, current practices express values developed ad hoc and the reemergence of older traditions, rather than aberrations from principle. A brief exemplified consideration of contexts, factors and responsibilities for current developments in conservation practice concludes that our changing conservation norms will retain reasonable criteria for ethical practice and authenticity. ;
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Art ; Conservation ; Ethique ; 1900-2000 ;
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Art ; Conservation ; Ethics ; 1900-2000 ;
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Communication de congrès ;
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24975609 ;
ISBN 0792342135 ;
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Bibliographie d'Histoire de l'Art ;
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